Commitment to Excellence, a Commitment to the Customer

Willrodt Motor Company Inc is honored to be a Five Star Chrysler, Dodge, Truck and Jeep Dealership. The Five Star designation is the highest recognition Chrysler Motors Corporation can award a dealership for excellence in customer service. It's their way of acknowledging a dealership's ongoing commitment to improving the customer's experience. 

Certification - Five Star Dealers Meet Chrysler's Requirements

Five Star dealerships are required to follow a strict set of training, facility and process requirements - all designed to put you, the customer, first. In fact, Chrysler only grants this status to dealerships that consistently meet Five Star score standards on Customer Surveys. And these standards are rigorously monitored and maintained. Chrysler personnel validate dealership compliance annually. Maintaining Five Star status is a continual process that requires self-evaluation and ongoing reviews by Chrysler. If a dealership is not compliant, the de-certification process begins and status is revoked. 

What the Five Star Designation Means for You

What does Five Star status mean for you? Quite simply: The best in customer service. Continual employee education and the ongoing evaluation of dealership processes are required to achieve and maintain Five Star status. Dealership managers, customer contact staff and technicians must all achieve individual Five Star certification by attending training courses specifically related to their job. Training includes product information, vehicle diagnostics and repair. Dealer principals, management teams and their employees must attend Five Star Process Workshops where they compare their dealership's practices to the highest industry standards. From mandatory classes to education workshops, everything Five Star Employees learn is designed to help them provide you with a satisfying dealership experience. 

Service with Follow Through

Five Star service doesn't end when you leave the dealership. After your visit, the dealership must contact you within seven days to make sure that your sales or service experience was a satisfactory one. It's how we learn what we're doing right, and what we can improve on. 

Five Star status means a lot to us, and we want to make sure it does to you too! 

If you have any additional questions about the Five Star process, please call 1-877-745-STAR.

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