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At the Willrodt Motors Service Department, we offer a variety of different services for your car, truck, van, SUV or crossover. Whether your vehicle is just needed scheduled maintenance or major repair, we will get you back on the road in no time!  Here are some of the services that we offer:

Lube, Oil and Filter Change:

Dirty oil or a contaminated oil filter increases engine wear, causes poor performance, and in extreme cases, can cause engine failure. Be sure to have your oil and oil filter changed according to your vehicle's owners manual schedule.

Vehicle Check Up:

Let our Service Specialists help keep you on the road this fall with a vehicle check up. It will identify excessively worn parts before they fail.

Battery Check:

Is your battery strong enough to make it throught the colder months ahead? Have a Willrodt Motors Service Specialist check. If necessary, replace with Mopar Power Pro or Jeep Xtreme battery.

Cooling System Service:

A cooling system check can detect leaks that cause engine overheating. New antifreeze protects against freeze-up and boil-over and helps prevent rust and corrosion in the engine cooling system.

Front and/or Rear Brake Service:

You rely on your brakes for fast, straight stops. But because brakes wear gradually over time, you might not notice a subtle loss of braking ability. Have you brakes checked periodically as according to your vehicle's owner's manual schedule.

Wheel Balance, Tire Rotation and Wear:

Tire rotation helps extend tire life. Balanced wheels provide a smooth ride. Are your tires worn and in need of replacement? We offer tires of the same brand, speed rating, and load range that were originally equipped on your vehicle. 

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